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Both stucco and acrylic finish are relatively low maintenance and both can be painted when a change of color 

is desired. The life expectancy of a stucco finish coat has been proven to be several decades. Acrylics have been applied to cement base coats in Winnipeg for over 15 years, and many of these original finish coats are holding up quite well.

Traditional Stucco

Cement finish has practically an unlimited variety of textures, knock-

down dash, popcorn dash, trowel design, knock-down trowel design.


Cultured stone, manufactured stone, stone veneer – so many 

options for your home. Stone can be a beautiful way to upgrade your fireplace or home’s exterior.

Parging & Stucco Repairs

Repairing parging cracks efficiently will save money and reduce the possibility of further damage to 

the foundation of the home. Moisture management is a top priority in parging application because water can lead to structure damage, causing more cracking, rot or mold.

Potential causes of cracks in stucco include:

  • Ground Settlement.

  • Door frame Settlement.

  • Intrusive Vegetation.

  • Moisture Migration within walls due to Interior Condensation Humidity.

  • Vapor drive problems :

caused by poor window frame installation and rising damp resulting from excessive ground water and poor frost heaves.

Concrete Restoration 

The key to quality resurfacing is proper preparation of the existing concrete. Fixing weak, brittle areas, crack repair and surface 

preparation is very important for a long lasting overlay. Sometimes the existing concrete has deteriorated past the point of restoration. If this is the case we offer free estimates on removing and replacing.

We offer a minimum 2 year warranty on most restorations.

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